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It is with great joy to announce that I have a working site of my own that will allow me to share some of my hobbies with all of those who are interested! Time has passed since I had a site that I could call my own, but as many know things have happened and time passes quickly. For those who are on this page for the very first time I have multiple hobbies, however my most prevalent is amateur radio. This site will be dedicated to the purpose of keeping people up to date on my latest happenings as well as posting things relating to my various interests and skill set.

To those who know me well they know that I am an avid Linux user. Many people in the past have heard about me developing scripts to make use of their machine easier. I do a lot of programming and scripting. As I develop scripts, you will see them posted on this web site. My preferred distribution is Arch Linux. I thoroughly enjoy the many things that Arch Linux offers, but I also recognize that others do not like having to type a seemingly endless chain of commands. My goal is to fix that for users by spinning an Arch Linux distrobution that allows for the “point and click” folks to have a pure Arch Linux install with ease.

My web site will never be complete, as things change and updates are added. It will, however serve as a growing resource for those who share some of the same interests as myself and to those that benefit from it…I am always glad to help.

73 and God Bless,
Brandin – AL6I
Amateur Radio Operator